/Surge Protection for LED Street Lighting
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Surge Protection Device for LED Street Lighting

LED Light is a voltage sensitive device and must be supplied with a voltage above its threshold voltage and a current below their rating. Its lifetime will be reduced dramatically even with a small change in applied voltage. In order to prevent failure or to extend its life time, the installation of proper surge protective device (SPD) against surge damage is highly recommended.

The low voltage surge protector WS3VT/390-10 is a compact surge protection device (SPD) especially for outdoor LED light and LED street light in lightning & surge protection. All mode protection circuit enables it used universally worldwide. VT technology is used to eliminate leakage current to ground (or protective conductor) to avoid malfunction of upstream residual current protection device.


  • Complied with IEC 61643-11 and UL 1449 4th
  • Designed to protect single-phase LED light or other electrical and electronic facility
  • Suitable for using in Un 110~347Vac single phase
  • VT (GDT and MOV in series) technology to eliminate leakage current. And provide better reliability and robustness & TOV(temporary over-voltage) withstand performance
  • Max Discharge Current up to 10kA 8/20us and Open Circuit Voltage Uoc to 20kV
  • Offering full mode protection to L-PE, L-N, N-PE
  • IP67 waterproof enclosure

Surge Protection Solution for LED Lightning

Combined with Prosurge’s DIN-rail SPD, we offer a perfect Class II+III surge protection solution for LED Lightning

surge protection solution for led lighting

LED Surge Protection Device Model Selection

SPD LocationSPD Type Recommendation
(UL 1449)
Prosurge ModelSurge Capacity
1Control CabinetType 1caSP320/3PN-S50kADIN-rail
2LED Light FixtureType 4caWS3VT/390-1010kA/20kVHardwired
In accordance withIEC61643-11:2011; UL1449 4th
Category IEC/VDE/ULII+III/C+ D/ Type 4 CA
Ports/Protection mode1/ full mode protectoin
Power system (single phase)110VAC~347VAC
Max. continuous operating voltageUc (AC)390VAC
Nominal discharge current(8/20) In5kA
Max. discharge current(8/20) Imax10kA
Open circuit voltage Uoc20kV
Voltage protection levelUp≤1.1kV
Response time≤25 ns
Follow currentNo
Backup fuse(only required if not already provided in mains)32A gL/gG
Operating temperature range– 40ºC ~ +80ºC
connection wire1.5 mm2 flexible (L/N: Blue/Brown; PE=Y/G)
Enclosure materialABS; extinguishing degree UL94 V-0
Degree of protectionIP67 (Waterproof)
Relative Humidity≤95% Non Condensing

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