SSCR-Short Circuit Current Rating. The suitability of an SPD for use on an AC power circuit that is capable of delivering not more than a declared rms symmetrical current at a declared voltage during a short circuit condition. SCCR is not the same as AIC (Amp Interrupting Capacity). SCCR is the amount of “available”current that the SPD can be subjected to and safely disconnect from the power source under short circuit conditions. The amount of current “interrupted” by the SPD is typically significantly less than the “available” current.

UL 1449 and the National Electric Code (NEC) require the SCCR (Short Circuit Current Rating) to be marked on all SPD units. It is not a surge rating, but the maximum allowable current a SPD can interrupt in the event of failure. The NEC/UL has a requirement that the SPD be tested and labelled with a SCCR equal to, or greater than the available fault current at that point in the system.