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For the past 13 years, Prosurge has transform itself from a humble start-up to a globally competitive manufacturer of surge protection device (SPD). We are partnering in surge protection field with Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders. Our surge protection devices (SPD) are protecting various critical entities in 6 continents and more than 60 countries.

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Prosurge Surge Protection Device Products Family

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SPD for Information System

SPD for Ethernet

SPD for Measuring and Control System

SPD for Video

SPD for Coaxial

Other Surge and Lightning Protection Products

Surge Counter

Surge Monitor

Lightning Equipotential Bonding

Surge Protection Solutions

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Surge Protection Projects

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Certificates & Patents

Prosurge’s surge protection devices are globally patented and certified by the most rigorous standards in industry.

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Serving the Most Demanding Customers Worldwide

Prosurge is SPD supplier for Fortune 500 compaines and industry leaders.

Global Partner with Major Brands on Surge Protection Device

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  • Colombia Customer Visit Prosurge in April 2019

Colombia Customers Visit Prosurge

On April 18, Prosurge is glad to receive our customers from Colombia. Customer visit our surge protection lab and do some tests and later visit the production [...]

  • Prosurge Surge Protection Training Seminar at Thailand

Surge Protection Training Seminar in Thailand

Recently, Prosurge's Thai distributor held a surge protection training seminar to the local professionals. As we all know, Thailand is a country with high frequent lightning strikes [...]

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