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PS Series Surge Panel (600kA max)

PS Series Surge Panel

Prosurge PS series surge panels are ultra-large surge capacity design for mission critical application with very high exposure to lightning. They are UL 1449 4th type 1 / type 2 tested for point-of-entry (Category C, D, E, IEEEC 62.41) and sub-circuit (Category B) protectioin. With surge capacity up to 600kA, PS series surge panel can meet most critical surge protection challenges worldwide and ensure maintenance-free for its lifetime.

By employing our patented SMTMOV, a thermally protected and arc extinguishing technology component, PS series has a significant advantage in abnormal over-voltage & high fault current safety and thus ensure industry’s highest level of safety and performance. The parallel redundancy module design makes PS series surge panel extremely robust and reliable.


  • UL listed type 1 (ANSI/UL 1449 4th, CSA C22.2) SPDs
  • UL listed type 2 (ANSI/UL 1449 4th, CSA C22.2) SPDs with sine wave tracking
  • Rating:

  MCOV: 150-550Vac

  Surge capacity: 150-600kA per phase

  SCCR: 200kA, tested without external CB or fuse

  • Patented SMTMOV as core component
  • Full modes protection
  • Low voltage protection rating
  • NEMA 1, 4, 4X enclosure optional
  • Degradation failure indication
  • Surge event counter optional
  • Sine wave tracking function optional
  • Floating changeover contact for remote alarm
  • Threaded NPT
  • Meet both standards of UL 1449 4th and IEC 61643-11:2011

Typical Application

In high lightning exposure location likes:

  • All power circuit
  • Telecommunication applications like cell towers, base station, data center, transfer center ect)
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Renewable energy
  • Oil or mineral

                                                                          Adopt SMTMOV as Core Component

General Spec (For smartphone users, please browse by landscape mode)

PS category D
Certification ANSI/UL1449 4th, CSA C22.2, Type 1, Type 2
Connection Type Parallel Connected
Surge Capacity 150-600kA per Phase
SCCR 200kArms
Sine wave tracking Optional for UL Type 2 listed
Lightning counter Current ≥ 200A (with Reset button )
Failure pre-test Press 2S (test button)
Power Status Indication Normal=Blue LED ON
Working Status Indication Normal= Blue LED ON ;  Fail= Blue LED turn to Red
Power Connecting 8 AWG(L1=black ; L2=red; L3=blue; N=white; PE=green)
Signal cable 16AWG C=red; NC=blue; NO=brown
Working environments Temperature –40℃~+75℃, Humidity relative 5~95% (25℃) , Altitude≤3km
Dimensions, W x D x H 350x370x224 mm
Threaded NPT 1” NPT
Enclosure Metal enclosure, NEMA1, 4, 4X (optional)
Net Weight (typical value) 10.6 kg

Model Configuration

Voltage Code for Power Distribution System


  1. For main entrance service installation
Series Surge capacity Warranty
PS series greater than or equal to 400kA (per phase) Limited Lifetime warranty
PSP, PS series greater than or equal to 200kA (per phase) 25 years after purchase date
PSP, PS series greater than or equal to 100kA (per phase) 15 years after purchase date


  1. For branch circuit installation
Series Surge capacity Warranty
PSP, PS series greater than or equal to 50kA (per phase) 25 years after purchase date
PSP (which not include in the above options) series 5 years after purchase date