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25-300kA UL 1449 4th Type 1/2 Listed Panel SPD – PSP Series

Prosurge PSP series surge panels are defined as one-stop high performance surge protection solution for most commercial and industrial environment with critical operations, including type 1 and type 2 surge protection devices that protect against the harmful effects of transient surges. These surges are the result of:

  • Direct and indirect lightning strikes
  • Power company load switching
  • Upstream load switch at other facilities
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600kA Max UL 1449 Type 1/2 Listed Panel SPD – PS Series

Prosurge PS series surge panels are ultra-large surge capacity design for mission critical application with very high exposure to lightning. They are UL 1449 4th type 1 / type 2 tested for point-of-entry (Category C, D, E, IEEEC 62.41) and sub-circuit (Category B) protectioin. With surge capacity up to 600kA, PS series surge panel can meet most critical surge protection challenges worldwide and ensure maintenance-free for its lifetime.

By employing our patented SMTMOV, a thermally protected and arc extinguishing technology component, PS series has a significant advantage in abnormal over-voltage & high fault current safety and thus ensure industry’s highest level of safety and performance. The parallel redundancy module design makes PS series surge panel extremely robust and reliable.

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