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BPS Series Class I / Type 1 Surge Protection Device


  • Compact T1+2 SPD with high energy MOV technology
  • High lightning current discharge capacity up to Iimp 12.5kA 10/350μs
  • 18mm narrow design, pluggable module for easy replacement
  • Degradation indication & optional remote signal contact
  • Lower voltage protection level
  • Comply with IEC/EN 61643-11, UL 1449 4th, IEEE C62.41, CSA C22.2

BSP12.5 Class I / Type 1 SPD Specifications

ComplianceEN/IEC 61643-11
Category IEC/ENClass I+II /T1+2
Max. Continuous Operating Voltage (AC)Uc150V175V275V320V
TechnologyHigh energy MOV Technology

Thermal disconnector

Ports/Protection Mode1 / L-PE or L-N or N-PE
Lightning Impulse Current (10/350μs)Iimp12.5kA
Nominal Discharge Current (8/20μs)In25kA
Max. Discharge Current (8/20μs)Imax80kA
Voltage Protection LevelUp≤1.0kV≤1.0kV≤1.3kV≤1.5kV
Temporary Overvoltage TOV
—Withstand Mode
Residual CurrentIPE<0.1mA
Follow CurrentIfNo
Short-Circuit Current Rating per IEC 61643Isc10kA
Response TimetA≤25ns
Backup Fuse (only required if not already provided in mains)200A gL/gG
EnvironmentTemperature Range: – 40ºC ~ +85ºC; Humidity: ≤95%; Altitude: ≤2000m
Cross-Section of Connection WireSingle-strand 35 mm2; multi-strand 25mm2
Mounting35mm DIN-rail in accordance with EN 50022/DIN46277-3
Enclosure Materialthermoplastic; extinguishing degree UL94 V-0
Degree of ProtectionIP20
Installation Width1 module, DIN 43880
Failure Indication /StatusRED- Failure
Remote Alarm ContactYes
Approvals, certificationCE
Additional Data for Remote Alarm Contacts
Remote Alarm Contact TypeIsolated Form C
Switching Capability Un/InAC: 250V/0.5A; DC: 250V/0.1A; 125V/0.2A; 75V/0.5A
Max. Size of Connecting WireMax. 1.5mm2 (or # 16AWG)

Multi-Pole SPD Combinations


Part No.PoleCombinationPower SystemMax. Operating Voltage



Lightning Impulse Current (10/350μs)



Voltage Protection Level U


BPS12.5V/150-S/2P22 x BPS12.5V/150-SSingle phase 2W+G150Vac12.5kAL/N-G: 1.0kV4
BPS12.5V/175-S/2P22 x BPS12.5V/175-SSingle phase 2W+G175Vac12.5kAL/N-G: 1.0kV4
BPS12.5V/275-S/2P22 x BPS12.5V/275-SSingle phase 2W+G275Vac12.5kAL/N-G: 1.4kV4
BPS12.5V/320-S/2P22 x BPS12.5V/320-SSingle phase 2W+G320Vac12.5kAL/N-G: 1.5kV4
BPS12.5V/150-S/PN252BPS12.5V/150-S + G25PS/255NPESingle phase 2W+G150Vac12.5kA / 25kA(NPE)L-N: 1.0kV, N-PE: 1.5kV3
BPS12.5V/175-S/PN252BPS12.5V/175-S + G25PS/255NPESingle phase 2W+G175Vac12.5kA / 25kA(NPE)L-N: 1.0kV, N-PE: 1.5kV3
BPS12.5V/275-S/PN252BPS12.5V/275-S + G25PS/255NPESingle phase 2W+G275Vac12.5kA / 25kA(NPE)L-N: 1.4kV, N-PE: 1.5kV3
BPS12.5V/320-S/PN252BPS12.5V/320-S + G25PS/255NPESingle phase 2W+G320Vac12.5kA / 25kA(NPE)L-N: 1.5kV, N-PE: 1.5kV3
BPS12.5V/150-S/3P33 x BPS12.5V/150-SThree phase 3W+G150Vac12.5kAL-G: 1.0kV2
BPS12.5V/175-S/3P33 x BPS12.5V/175-SThree phase 3W+G175Vac12.5kAL-G: 1.0kV2
BPS12.5V/275-S/3P33 x BPS12.5V/275-SThree phase 3W+G275Vac12.5kAL-G: 1.4kV2
BPS12.5V/320-S/3P33 x BPS12.5V/320-SThree phase 3W+G320Vac12.5kAL-G: 1.5kV2