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Two-Port Surge Filter

Prosurge BSF series surge filter is two-port surge protective device with LC filter, especially for low voltage power supply system surge protection at the boundaries from lightning protection zone OB-2 and higher.


  • Different technology optional: MOV, spark gap, MOV & spark gap hybrid ect
  • High surge capacity: 25-200kA
  • Different load current: 5-120A available for single phase or 3 phase
  • Overload short circuit protection: fuse or circuit breaker available
  • Lower pass filter L-C with working frequency 600Hz-3500Hz
  • Multi-mode protection: L-N, L-PE & N-PE
  • Multi-stage protection circuit design including primary stage + filter circuit L/C + secondary stage protection
  • LED failure indication
  • Remote alarm function available
  • Surge counter function optional