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Single Port

Multi Port

SPD for Video, Webcam, CCTV

Prosurge D-05/BNC SPD is designed for coaxial systems such as camera and video system protection against the damage from surges and spikes caused by lightning and other electrical sources. They are suitable for used in category B, C (ANSI/IEEE C62.41) or directly at the upstream near the protected devices.


  • Data network SPD in according with UL 497B, IEC 61643-21: 2012
  • High discharge capacity, total nominal discharge current up to 20kA
  • Two-stage protection circuit
  • Limit the transient with gas discharge tubes and transzorb diodes
  • Comprise a PTC for over current fault and short-circuit fault protetion
  • BNC connector for protection of video signal, cameras or TV system
  • Low insertion loss

Technical Data for single port model (For smartphone users, browse by landscape mode)

Technical Data for multi port model (For smartphone users, browse by landscape mode)