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Surge Protection Device (SPD) for Solar Power System / Photovoltaic or PV System

Solar/PV systems are set up outdoors and are prone to lightning damage. Lightning and surge protections are essential to their efficient operation. After the external lightning protection, the most crucial work is to protect the invertor. SPDs are needed at the DC input end and AC output end of the invertor. They are also needed at the two ends of long distance signal cable.

Class I+II / Type 1+2 SPD for PV / Solar / DC

  • Class I+II SPD for photovoltaic system
  • Complied with IEC 61643-11, EN 50539-11, UL 1449 4th Ed
  • VT technology, no leakage current nor follow current
  • Full mode protection
  • High surge capacity: 12.5kA 10/350μs, Imax 60kA 8/20μs
  • Fault indication by window
  • Remote alarm optional
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Class II / Type 2 SPD for PV/Solar/DC

Prosurge SPV series is a Type 1CA SPD according to UL 1449 4th Ed, designed for Photovoltaic system DC side protection against the damage from surges caused by lightning and other electrical sources.

  • Meet worldwide standards: UL 1449 4th, IEC 61643-11: 2011 & EN 50539-11: 2013
  • UL recognized type 1CA SPD for photovoltaic system
  • Large surge capacity up to 50kA 8/20μs
  • Short circuit current rating (SCCR) up to 100kA – tested without external CB or fuse
  • Pluggable design with window fault indication
  • Remote alarm signal optional
  • Global patented thermal disconnector design with arc extinguishing device, fail-safe & and self-protected, quick thermal response and perfect circuit cut-off function
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Modules for DC PV SPD

Prosurge’s SPM series are surge protection modules which are heavy MOV based devices and are constructed with Prosurge thermal protection and arc extinguishing technology. They can be easily integrated in or mounted on PCB and are the best choice for global customers to develop PV SPD at minimum cost.

  • UL recognized type 1CA SPD for PV/Photovoltaic system
  • Meet IEC 61643-11: 2011 & EN50539-11: 2013
  • Quick thermal response and perfect circuit cut-off function due to special thermal disconnector design with arc extinguishing device
  • Provide two ways to install on PCB: permanent soldering or pluggable
  • Floating remote signalling contact for fault indication while additional uses of PVD_Base
  • Rating:
    • Max. Permitted DC Voltage (Vpvdc): 85-825Vdc
    • Surge capacity (8/20 μs):50kA
    • SCCR:100kA – tested without external CB or fuse
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                        PCB Installation Illustration

Pluggable Mounted

Permanent Soldering

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