SPD for Measuring and Control System 2017-12-06T17:49:17+00:00

B0 Series

13mm pluggable / 1 pair line protection

C0 Series

13mm pluggable / 1 pairs line protection with shielding

S2 Series

6.2mm non-pluggable / 1 pair line protection

S4 Series

7.6mm non-pluggable / 2 pair lines protection

M4A Series

18mm non-pluggable / 2 pairs line protection

SPD for Measuring and Control System

Today’s measuring and control system in industry arena are increasingly sensitive, complex and thus more vulnerable to voltage surges. These sensitive devices and systems are critical to company’s communication and information processing. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure they can are protected from the potentially costly and disruptive events. Prosurge offer various quality SPD to protect sensitive equipment to increase their useful life and maintain the continuity of the flow of your information.