Cross Reference Between DEHN and Prosurge

DEHN Model No

Prosurge Model No




Class I

DV M TNC 255              DV M TNC 255 FM               (with remote contact) G25/275/3P non-pluggable           G25/275-S/3P   non-pluggable

Or equivalent (TUV approved)       B25VG260/3P                      B25VG260(S)/3P

DV M TNS 255              DV M TNS 255 FM G25/275/4P    non-pluggable           G25/275-S/4P   non-pluggable

Or equivalent (TUV approved)       B25VG260/4P                   B25VG260(S)/4P

DV M TT255                DV M TT255 FM G25/275/3PN100             G25/275-S/3PN100

Or equivalent (TUV approved)    B25G260/3PN100

DV M TN 255                         DV M TN 255 FM G25/275/PN25                  G25/275-S/PN25
DV M TT 2P 255            DV M TT 2P 255-FM G25/275/PN50                  G25/275-S/PN50


BPS12.5V/275-S/3P                   (pluggable design, 18mm per pole)
DSH TNS 255 BPS12.5V//275-S/4P
DSH TT 255






DSH TT 2P 255


DB M 1 255               DB M 1 255 FM


G50/255  non-pluggable              G50/255-S with remote alarm contact, non-pluggable
DBM NH00 255 BF25G/255 (for outdoor, fire proof, M10 stud)
DBM 1 440               DBM 1 440 FM B25VG440   (TUV approved)                   B25VG440(S)  (TUV approved)
DBM 1 760 FM B25VG760(S)  (TUV approved)
Class I DC SPD DSE M 1 60

DSE M 1 60 FM



PVB25/60-VT                    PVB25/60-VT-S                                     special technology, VT without follow current and no leakage current
DSE M 1 220

DSE M 1 220 FM

PVB25/220-VT                  PVB25/220-VT-S
DSE M 1 242

DSE M 1 242 FM


PVB25/240-VT                  PVB25/242-VT-S
DSE M 2P 60

DSE M 2P 60  FM


PVB25/60-VT-C                PVB25/60-VT-C-S
DB 1 255 H G50/275
Class I SPD DB 3 255 H G50/275/3P
DGPM 1 255 S BF100G/255NPE (M10 stud connection for outdoor NPE)
DGPH M 255 G100/255NPE (Up 1.5kV)      or :B100G/255NPE (Up :4kV)
Class II DG M TNC CI 275         DG M TNC CI 275 FM DT25/275-3V                     DT25/275-3V-S
DG MOD NPE MT40/255                                    or MSP255T (KEMA approved)
DG M TN 150                DG M TN 150 FM DS40/150-2V                    DS40/150-2V-S

or: SP150/2P  (KEMA approved)        SP150/2P-S (KEMA approved)

DG M TN 275             DG M TN 275 FM


DS40/275-2V                    DS40/275-2V-S

or: SP275/2P  (KEMA approved)        SP275/2P-S (KEMA approved)

DG M TT 2P 275           DG M TT 2P 275 FM DS40/275-(V+T)                             DS 40/275-(V+T)-S

or: SP275/PN  (KEMA approved)        SP275/PN-S (KEMA approved)

DG M TT 2P 320            DG M TT 2P 320 FM DS40/320-(V+T)               DS40/320-(V+T)-S

or: SP320/PN  (KEMA approved)        SP320/PN-S (KEMA approved)

DG M TT 2P 385             DG M TT 2P 385 FM DS40/385-(V+T)               DS40/385-(V+T)-S

or: SP385/PN  (KEMA approved)        SP385/PN-S (KEMA approved)

DG M WE 600              DG M WE 600 FM C25V760-/3P   (TUV approved)                         C25V760-S/3P or C25V760-S/3PI (TUV approved)
DG MOD 750 MC25V760  (TUV approved)
Class II DG S 48                   DG S 48 FM V25/48                                V25/48-S
DG S 75                   DG S 75 FM CPV40-48D  (TUV approved)              CPV40-48D(S)   (TUV approved)

Or:  SPV48-V-S  (UL approved)

DG S 150                  DG S 150 FM SP150    (KEMA, UL approved)                            SP150-S  (KEMA, UL approved)
DG S 275                  DG S 275 FM SP275    (KEMA, UL approved)                              SP275-S  (KEMA, UL approved)
DG S 320                  DG S 320 FM SP320    (KEMA, UL approved)                             SP320-S  (KEMA, UL approved)
DG S 385                  DG S 385 FM SP385    (KEMA, UL approved)                                 SP385-S  (KEMA, UL approved)
class II DG S 440                  DG S 440 FM SP420     (UL approved)                             SP420-S   (UL approved)
DG S 600                   DG S 600 FM SP690    (UL approved)                                SP690-S  (UL approved)
DG MOD CI 275 MVF25/275
DG M TT CI 275             DG M TT CI 275 FM DT25/275-(3VF+T)           DT25/275-(3VF+T)-S


DG M TNS CI 275           DG M TNS CI 275 FM DT25/275-4VF                  DT25/275-4VF-S
Class II DG M TN CI 275            DG M TN CI 275 FM DT25/275-2VF                  DT25/275-2VF-S
DG M TT 2P CI 275         DG M TT 2P CI 275 FM


DS25/275-(VF+T)             DS25/275-(VF+T)-S
DG S CI 275               DG S CI 275 FM VF25/275                           VF25/275-S
DG M TNC 150
SP150/3P      (KEMA, UL approved)                      SP150/3P-S    (KEMA, UL approved)
DG M TNC 275             DG M TNC 275 FM SP275/3P      (KEMA, UL approved)                         SP275/3P-S    (KEMA, UL approved)
DG M TNC 385             DG M TNC 385 FM SP385/3P       (KEMA, UL approved)                        SP385/3P-S     (KEMA, UL approved)
DG M TNC 440             DG M TNC 440 FM SP440/3P     (KEMA, UL approved)                       SP440/3P-S  (KEMA, UL approved)
DG M TNS 150             DG M TNS 150 FM SP150-4P    (KEMA, UL approved)    SP150-4P-S  (KEMA, UL approved)
DG M TNS 275              DG M TNS 275 FM SP275-4P     (KEMA, UL approved)     SP275-4P-S  (KEMA, UL approved)
DG M TNS 385             DG M TNS 385 FM SP385/4P    (KEMA, UL approved)       SP385/4P-S  (KEMA, UL approved)
DG M TT 150               DG M TT 150 FM SP150/3PN   (KEMA approved)     SP150/3PN-S  (KEMA approved)
DG M TT 275              DG M TT 275 FM SP275/3PN  (KEMA approved)      SP275/3PN-S (KEMA approved)
DG M TT 320               DG M TT 320 FM SP320/3PN    (KEMA approved)                     SP320/3PN-S  
DG M TT 385              DG M TT 385 FM SP385/3PN      (KEMA approved)                   SP385/3PN-S    (KEMA approved)
Class II DG M TN 150               DG M TN 150 FM SP150/2P     (KEMA, UL approved)   SP150/2P-S   (KEMA, UL approved)
DG S 75 VA                DG S 75 VA FM VT25/75                             VT25/75-S
DG S 275 VA               DG S 275 VA FM VT20/275                           VT20/275-S
DG S 385VA                DG S 385 VA FM VT20/385                           VT20/385-S
DGP C S                  DGP C S FM SP255T    (KEMA approved)                      SP255T-S  (KEMA approved)
PV SPD DG M YPV SCI 150         DG M YPV SCI 150 FM SPV20-150-V-CD             SPV20-150-V-CD-S
DG M YPV SCI 600          DG M YPV SCI 600 FM SPV600-V-CD     (UL approved)              SPV600-V-CD-S   (UL approved)
DG M YPV SCI 1000        DG M YPV SCI 1000 FM SPV1000-V-CD    (UL approved)                            SPV1000-V-CD-S  (UL approved)
M PV2 SCI 1000            M PV2 SCI 1000 FM SPV1000-V-CD2 (UL approved)     SPV1000-V-CD2-S (UL approved)
DG M YPV SCI 1200       DG M YPV SCI 1200 FM SPV1200-V-CD     (UL approved) SPV1200-V-CD-S   (UL approved)
Class III DR M 2P 30               DR M 2P 30 FM MDS2/30-2V                      MDS2/30-2V/T
DR M 2P 60               DR M 2P 60 FM MDS2/60-2V                      MDS2/60-2V/T
DR M 2P 75                DR M 2P 75 FM MDS4-75-2V                     MDS4-75-2V/T
Class III DR M 2P 150              DR M 2P 150 FM MDS4-150-2V                   MDS4-150-2V/T
DR M 2P 255               DR M 2P 255 FM MDS4-255-2V                   MDS4-255-2V/T
Data network SPD DPA M CLE RJ45B 48


BXT ML4 BE (Uc 5,12,24,36,48,60,180) DM-180/M4A
BXT ML2 BD 180 DM-110/A0
BVT ALD36 DM-36/B0-20
LED lighting SPD  DCOR L 2P 275 WS(V+T)/275-20