/Cross Reference Between DEHN and Prosurge

Cross Reference Between DEHN and Prosurge

This is a cross reference between Prosurge’s Surge Protection Device model with DEHN’s Surge Protection Devices model. This is only for reference, please consult us when in doubt.

DEHN Model No

Prosurge Model No




Class I

DV M TNC 255              DV M TNC 255 FM               (with remote contact)G25/275/3P non-pluggable           G25/275-S/3P   non-pluggable

Or equivalent (TUV approved)       B25VG260/3P                      B25VG260(S)/3P

DV M TNS 255              DV M TNS 255 FMG25/275/4P    non-pluggable           G25/275-S/4P   non-pluggable

Or equivalent (TUV approved)       B25VG260/4P                   B25VG260(S)/4P

DV M TT255                DV M TT255 FMG25/275/3PN100             G25/275-S/3PN100

Or equivalent (TUV approved)    B25G260/3PN100

DV M TN 255                         DV M TN 255 FMG25/275/PN25                  G25/275-S/PN25
DV M TT 2P 255            DV M TT 2P 255-FMG25/275/PN50                  G25/275-S/PN50


BPS12.5V/275-S/3P                   (pluggable design, 18mm per pole)
DSH TNS 255BPS12.5V//275-S/4P
DSH TT 255






DSH TT 2P 255


DB M 1 255               DB M 1 255 FM


G50/255  non-pluggable              G50/255-S with remote alarm contact, non-pluggable
DBM NH00 255BF25G/255 (for outdoor, fire proof, M10 stud)
DBM 1 440               DBM 1 440 FMB25VG440   (TUV approved)                   B25VG440(S)  (TUV approved)
DBM 1 760 FMB25VG760(S)  (TUV approved)
Class I DC SPDDSE M 1 60

DSE M 1 60 FM



PVB25/60-VT                    PVB25/60-VT-S                                     special technology, VT without follow current and no leakage current
DSE M 1 220

DSE M 1 220 FM

PVB25/220-VT                  PVB25/220-VT-S
DSE M 1 242

DSE M 1 242 FM


PVB25/240-VT                  PVB25/242-VT-S
DSE M 2P 60

DSE M 2P 60  FM


PVB25/60-VT-C                PVB25/60-VT-C-S
DB 1 255 HG50/275
Class I SPDDB 3 255 HG50/275/3P
DGPM 1 255 SBF100G/255NPE (M10 stud connection for outdoor NPE)
DGPH M 255G100/255NPE (Up 1.5kV)      or :B100G/255NPE (Up :4kV)
Class IIDG M TNC CI 275         DG M TNC CI 275 FMDT25/275-3V                     DT25/275-3V-S
DG MOD NPEMT40/255                                    or MSP255T (KEMA approved)
DG M TN 150                DG M TN 150 FMDS40/150-2V                    DS40/150-2V-S

or: SP150/2P  (KEMA approved)        SP150/2P-S (KEMA approved)

DG M TN 275             DG M TN 275 FM


DS40/275-2V                    DS40/275-2V-S

or: SP275/2P  (KEMA approved)        SP275/2P-S (KEMA approved)

DG M TT 2P 275           DG M TT 2P 275 FMDS40/275-(V+T)                             DS 40/275-(V+T)-S

or: SP275/PN  (KEMA approved)        SP275/PN-S (KEMA approved)

DG M TT 2P 320            DG M TT 2P 320 FMDS40/320-(V+T)               DS40/320-(V+T)-S

or: SP320/PN  (KEMA approved)        SP320/PN-S (KEMA approved)

DG M TT 2P 385             DG M TT 2P 385 FMDS40/385-(V+T)               DS40/385-(V+T)-S

or: SP385/PN  (KEMA approved)        SP385/PN-S (KEMA approved)

DG M WE 600              DG M WE 600 FMC25V760-/3P   (TUV approved)                         C25V760-S/3P or C25V760-S/3PI (TUV approved)
DG MOD 750MC25V760  (TUV approved)
Class IIDG S 48                   DG S 48 FMV25/48                                V25/48-S
DG S 75                   DG S 75 FMCPV40-48D  (TUV approved)              CPV40-48D(S)   (TUV approved)

Or:  SPV48-V-S  (UL approved)

DG S 150                  DG S 150 FMSP150    (KEMA, UL approved)                            SP150-S  (KEMA, UL approved)
DG S 275                  DG S 275 FMSP275    (KEMA, UL approved)                              SP275-S  (KEMA, UL approved)
DG S 320                  DG S 320 FMSP320    (KEMA, UL approved)                             SP320-S  (KEMA, UL approved)
DG S 385                  DG S 385 FMSP385    (KEMA, UL approved)                                 SP385-S  (KEMA, UL approved)
class IIDG S 440                  DG S 440 FMSP420     (UL approved)                             SP420-S   (UL approved)
DG S 600                   DG S 600 FMSP690    (UL approved)                                SP690-S  (UL approved)
DG MOD CI 275MVF25/275
DG M TT CI 275             DG M TT CI 275 FMDT25/275-(3VF+T)           DT25/275-(3VF+T)-S


DG M TNS CI 275           DG M TNS CI 275 FMDT25/275-4VF                  DT25/275-4VF-S
Class IIDG M TN CI 275            DG M TN CI 275 FMDT25/275-2VF                  DT25/275-2VF-S
DG M TT 2P CI 275         DG M TT 2P CI 275 FM


DS25/275-(VF+T)             DS25/275-(VF+T)-S
DG S CI 275               DG S CI 275 FMVF25/275                           VF25/275-S
DG M TNC 150
SP150/3P      (KEMA, UL approved)                      SP150/3P-S    (KEMA, UL approved)
DG M TNC 275             DG M TNC 275 FMSP275/3P      (KEMA, UL approved)                         SP275/3P-S    (KEMA, UL approved)
DG M TNC 385             DG M TNC 385 FMSP385/3P       (KEMA, UL approved)                        SP385/3P-S     (KEMA, UL approved)
DG M TNC 440             DG M TNC 440 FMSP440/3P     (KEMA, UL approved)                       SP440/3P-S  (KEMA, UL approved)
DG M TNS 150             DG M TNS 150 FMSP150-4P    (KEMA, UL approved)    SP150-4P-S  (KEMA, UL approved)
DG M TNS 275              DG M TNS 275 FMSP275-4P     (KEMA, UL approved)     SP275-4P-S  (KEMA, UL approved)
DG M TNS 385             DG M TNS 385 FMSP385/4P    (KEMA, UL approved)       SP385/4P-S  (KEMA, UL approved)
DG M TT 150               DG M TT 150 FMSP150/3PN   (KEMA approved)     SP150/3PN-S  (KEMA approved)
DG M TT 275              DG M TT 275 FMSP275/3PN  (KEMA approved)      SP275/3PN-S (KEMA approved)
DG M TT 320               DG M TT 320 FMSP320/3PN    (KEMA approved)                     SP320/3PN-S  
DG M TT 385              DG M TT 385 FMSP385/3PN      (KEMA approved)                   SP385/3PN-S    (KEMA approved)
Class IIDG M TN 150               DG M TN 150 FMSP150/2P     (KEMA, UL approved)   SP150/2P-S   (KEMA, UL approved)
DG S 75 VA                DG S 75 VA FMVT25/75                             VT25/75-S
DG S 275 VA               DG S 275 VA FMVT20/275                           VT20/275-S
DG S 385VA                DG S 385 VA FMVT20/385                           VT20/385-S
DGP C S                  DGP C S FMSP255T    (KEMA approved)                      SP255T-S  (KEMA approved)
PV SPDDG M YPV SCI 150         DG M YPV SCI 150 FMSPV20-150-V-CD             SPV20-150-V-CD-S
DG M YPV SCI 600          DG M YPV SCI 600 FMSPV600-V-CD     (UL approved)              SPV600-V-CD-S   (UL approved)
DG M YPV SCI 1000        DG M YPV SCI 1000 FMSPV1000-V-CD    (UL approved)                            SPV1000-V-CD-S  (UL approved)
M PV2 SCI 1000            M PV2 SCI 1000 FMSPV1000-V-CD2 (UL approved)     SPV1000-V-CD2-S (UL approved)
DG M YPV SCI 1200       DG M YPV SCI 1200 FMSPV1200-V-CD     (UL approved) SPV1200-V-CD-S   (UL approved)
Class IIIDR M 2P 30               DR M 2P 30 FMMDS2/30-2V                      MDS2/30-2V/T
DR M 2P 60               DR M 2P 60 FMMDS2/60-2V                      MDS2/60-2V/T
DR M 2P 75                DR M 2P 75 FMMDS4-75-2V                     MDS4-75-2V/T
Class IIIDR M 2P 150              DR M 2P 150 FMMDS4-150-2V                   MDS4-150-2V/T
DR M 2P 255               DR M 2P 255 FMMDS4-255-2V                   MDS4-255-2V/T
Data network SPDDPA M CLE RJ45B 48


BXT ML4 BE (Uc 5,12,24,36,48,60,180)DM-180/M4A
BXT ML2 BD 180DM-110/A0
BVT ALD36DM-36/B0-20
LED lighting SPD DCOR L 2P 275WS(V+T)/275-20